Celebrate Holi at wildernest
Celebrate Holi at wildernest

Celebrate Holi at wildernest

Holi is a festival of colors and everyone is looking forward to celebrate it. This year holi is a little bit different. Everyone each year is trying to find a new way to celebrate Holi, with their loved ones or their friends or even colleagues. This year celebrate your Holi with Wildernest, a hilltop family resort near Pune, and get an amazing experience.

  • Nature and serene surroundings:

Holi has a significance of destroying everything bad and worshipping everything good. This Holi get rid of that toxic stress, anxiety and celebrate peace within nature. You can sit back and relax, finally get some time for yourself. This can be your gift to yourself or a loved ones. Holi means colours and there is no beautiful colour than colour of happiness.

  • Cheerful Time :

Any festival is special because it brings you and your loved ones closer to each other. At Wildernest resort, everyone can enjoy, there are many indoor and outdoor activities that you can spend time doing. Holi at wildernest gets even more special, your laughter and cheer fills the air with bliss. From kids to elderly people everyone can enjoy all the amenities.

  • Infinity swimming pool:

You must have always watched people playing Holi, many use water and it is not eco-friendly to do so. If you stay in Pune or nearby then Wildernest, resort near Pune is the perfect destination to spend your days there. You can enjoy splashing of water without harming nature. Take a dip into infinity swimming pool and give the water all the stress and come back refreshed.

Holi is a festival is supposed to spread joy, happiness, and love. It is a festival of colors, what better to celebrate than with colorful nature. The artificial colors harm nature and your health. Don’t you think taking a break from the crowded area and roads and going with your friends and family into nature will be wonderful? Holi is a special time to remember those who are close to our hearts with love. Come plan your Holi celebration at Wildernest.

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