Corporate Outings

Corporate Outings

Wildernest gives you the perfect venue for all your corporate outings. Team building activities are even more fun when you have fun amidst serene environment. Open locations ensure you have space for your activities, games and party. We also have conference halls for your indoor events and meetings.

Our staff will make sure that there will be no setbacks in your planned day and our scrumptious food will give you the energy for the same.

A Teams succeeds when its members have: a commitment to common objectives defined roles and responsibilities, Effective decision system, Communication and work procedures, Good Personal Relationships

Team Moral Depends On

  1. Support
  2. Resources
  3. Communication
  4. Personalities

Stages in Team Building

  1. Forming
  2. Storming
  3. Norming
  4. Performing

Team outings are a great way to bond with your colleagues outside of the office. Participating in group challenges and activities will help you understand a person’s interests, strengths and weaknesses better, thereby helping you to work better with each other. We offer a wide range of outdoor as well as indoor activities such as carom, pool, table tennis, etc. along with delicious food. So, gather your team and head to WilderNest Hilltop Resort, Pune!

How will your challenges be addressed?

  1. We will create  Activities As per your requirement
  2. Activities will be designed as per the team work skill
  3. We will make sure that every team member will participate in the activities
  4. After the activities we will  make sure that everybody will get the insight  and  Importance of  Team Building

Major Deliverables

  • Decision  Making | Leadership Skills
  • Effective Communication | Problem Solving Skills
  • To Enhance personal & group thresholds
  • How to face Change Management/Enhance Customer Focus/Conflict Management
  • Importance Of Team Building and Team Work
  • Managerial Effectiveness | Managing Organizational Change
  • Personal Effectiveness | Personality Development
  • Stress Management | Team Management
  • Time Management | Supervisory Development
  • Work Life Balance

Team building activity charges will be additional


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