Beat the heat with Wildernest Hilltop Resort
Beat the heat with Wildernest Hilltop Resort

Beat the heat with Wildernest Hilltop Resort

Is the unpredictable climate in Pune bothering you too?  Come release the heat and stress here at the Wildernest hilltop resort. Located at the foot of the Sinhagad Fort with views of the Khadakwasla backwaters wildernest turns to be one of the best weekend getaway options.

As we expect the October heat to rise the temperature, you can easily cool yourself and be unaffected by the heat. All you have to do is visit us. A quick or long dive in our Infinity Swimming Pool will surely relax and cool down your body. At Wildernest, we try our best to provide you the best of everything, from necessary facilities to luxurious amenities and an extremely hospitable staff. As the temperature outside rises, you can easily shift to the fun indoor games in the game room, where one gets highly competitive in a match of Foosball. If you’re the one who enjoys the old-school game of Carom or Chess then we have that too my friend.

One of the most important things that we consider while visiting a place is its food. A place with good food definitely makes a place in one’s heart. At Wildernest, we serve various types of cuisines and dishes which not just look insta-worth but also taste delicious.

Are you already wondering what it could be like if you visit here? Stop dreaming when you can make it come true. Head straight to you dear ones and plan a visit.

Oh if you’re wondering about how we accommodate people, then that’s a good thought. At the resort we have various options that may suit you. From luxurious suites to dormitory to villas for when you come in large groups.

Liking what hear? Visit to see and love it.

The resort functions on the basis of prior bookings only, and that’s why one must make sure that you call and confirm your booking before visiting us. We expect to see all of you this October.

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