Enjoy this monsoon at Wildernest
Enjoy this monsoon at Wildernest

Enjoy this monsoon at Wildernest

People who love the rains find the monsoon season extremely romantic, delightful and even soulful. But, those who don’t like rains, well, they just detest this season. However, there is one thing that everyone loves-a nice holiday! Then be it any season and any time of the year, we all are ready to just pack our bags and leave!

In Maharashtra, we are blessed with diverse travel options, ranging from long sea shores to high mountain lands. Though the beaches are a great attraction, especially to those living away from it, the charm of the mountains during the rains is undeniable!

The barren slopes turn into lush green velvety blankets, the dry streams gush with fresh water, cascading down as waterfalls, and wild flowers bloom like there is no tomorrow. And the sky seems to come so much closer to Earth that we can even touch the cottony clouds!

If you live in or around Pune, you don’t need to go far to experience this delight. WilderNest Hilltop Resort is one of the best resorts in Pune for your monsoon getaway.

WilderNest is located at just 6 kms from the exit on the Mumbai-Bangalore highway. Perched on a hill in the mighty Sahyadri Mountains, the resort is a great escape from the maddening crowd. The peaceful and tranquil environment of the resort is harmonious with the nature around it and lets you immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape.

The monsoon brings an abundance of diverse flora and fauna to the Western Ghats. This makes it a great season for treks and hikes. The Sinhagad fort is just 30 minutes away from the resort and is a popular trail for trekking and hiking. The climb is not that hard and suitable even for amateur trekkers. It would be wonderful for a day trek.

(Make sure that you pack appropriate clothing and accessories if you do plan to go trekking.)

Hiking is fun and refreshing, but it can also be exhausting. After a long trek, you can relax and unwind in the resort’s infinity swimming pool. The pool offers picturesque views of the valley with the Khadakwasla backwaters, and of the mountains with the mighty fort that you just scaled. The panorama is quite breathtaking! Very few resorts near Sinhagad can boast of the comfort, views and beauty as that at WilderNest.

If trekking is not your thing, you can even go hiking near the resort. Absorb in all that nature has to offer, discover things you never even thought about, and clear off all your worries and troubles just as the rain clears the air!

For those who want to just sit around and do absolutely nothing, yet be in nature, the Khadakwasla is the best place to be. As one of the few resorts near Khadakwasla, WilderNest is just a stone’s throw away from the lake.

And in events of a heavy downpour, just grab a steaming hot cuppa and enjoy the natural shower from the coziness of your room.

No vacation is considered a good one if the food is not enjoyable. We completely understand that and that’s why, we offer scrumptious food in-house. You can choose from a wide range of options and tickle your taste buds with our chef’s specialties. WilderNest is one of the best resorts around Pune that has a restaurant with a spectacular view!

Bountiful nature, splendid views, and delicious food-the recipe of a soulful getaway! Come and experience that at WilderNest!

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